Silver City Automotive SUCKS!

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DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy a vehicle from these scam artists!Don't be fooled by their cutesy website or their promises for a lemon-free vehicle, and definitely do not be fooled by their "48 hour money back guarantee." They sold me a lemon, and ASSURED me that it had passed all safety inspections, and that I would enjoy my car for "many years." I didn't even get it into my driveway before realizing that the brakes were shot, electrical system was shot, and the battery was shot.

When I called to return the vehicle, they had the audacity to threaten to report the car stolen! The salesman was so rude, that he hung up on me. The manager was even worse than him! However, the one who gets the bad behavior award is, the OWNER!

This guy and his business are a complete joke. They make empty promises and are dishonest in every way possible. In the end, it cost me $124 to actually have the car TOWED (at my expense) back to the dealership, and $30 to put a stop payment on the check (even though I was well within the 48-hour warranty). And the icing on the cake: They threatened to take ME to court!

This car was so unsafe, that they are lucky I was not involved in an accident. The brakes were almost completely out by the time I got home, and the ONLY time the car started was when I test drove it, and when I drove it off the lot. The promise safety and satisfaction, and deliver on nothing.

This was hands-down THE WORST buying experience in my life, and the treatment I received from the owner was reprehensible.They should be ashamed of themselves.

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